Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching

Kundali or horoscope is the representation of the position of the celestial bodies such as sun, moon, and other planets, including Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. during the time of birth. The Kundali exhibits the effects of the different heavenly bodies position on the life, health and other vitals aspects of a person.

Maa Kalyani is a renowned astrologer who is an expert in making accurate and flawless kundalis or janampatri exhibiting valuable information about a person, his/her personality and life. Kundli plays a vital role during the marriage, as the compatibility of the couple is determined by matching the different aspects of the kundali. We develop the best kundalies with a complete life chart including dashes, lagnas, antardashas, vimshotri and other birth details such as varna, yoni, gana etc.

Best Janam Kundali Services

The birth-chart or janam kundali is a cosmic map of the solar system at the time of a person's birth.As per Indian Vedic Astrology, the position of the diverse heavenly bodies in the sky at the time of our birth impacts our lives in multiple ways, carves our inclinations, personalities, and character. Thus, our kundli plays a pivotal role in developing a profound understanding of our lives, the problems which we may face in the future and to find out the best ways to eliminate those problems while heading on a path that leads us towards prosperity, success and inner peace.

We offer an array of kundali related services ranging from making new kundalis, kundali reading, kundali matching for marriages, and determining rashi bhavishya. If you have any questions or queries regarding your kundli or want to know how information in my kundali can be leveraged to make the life happy, and successful, Maa Kalyani can provide apt answers to all such questions.

Kundali matching for marriage

We offer the unmatched services for accurately matching the kundalis for the marriage. Kundali matching is an ancient astrological practice and an 8-fold vedic test to evaluate the compatibility of a man and a woman for marriage. It evaluates he compatibility on eight aspects including varan, vasya, tara, nadi, bhakoot, gan, grah maitri, and yoni. On the basis of these aspects, it is determined that whether the couple will be able to lead a happy married life or not.

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