Indian Vedic astrology is a way to understand the language of the heavenly bodies. As per Indian astrology, it is believed that the movement of the heavenly bodies in the outer space, such as moon, sun, and planets including Jupiter, Saturn, etc. impacts our lives in multiple ways and astrology helps the people to understand the effect of these movments. Maa Kalyani is an expert in horoscope making or Kundali development. We offer the best online horoscope services ranging from making new kundalis, reading the kundalis, making rashiphals and horoscope matching for marriages.

What is Horoscopes?

A horoscope, developed as per the Indian vedic astrology is an astrological diagram or chart exhibiting the positions of the heavenly bodies and the sensitive angles at a particular time or event, such as at the birth of a person. Horoscopes hold a significant value in the Indian traditions, rituals and ceremonies. It is believed that the right positioning of the heavenly bodies in the horoscope diagram can reveal valuable information about a person’s life, major events, strengths, character and can also anticipate the future. As per the time of birth, an individual gets a sun-sign as well as a moon-sign and there are 12 different sun- signs & moon-signs.

Maa Kalyani Offers The Best Horoscope Services

Maa Kalyani is an expert in making the best horoscopes and develop a complete life chart including dashes, lagnas, antardashas, vimshotri and other birth details such as varna, yoni, gana etc. We provide detailed information about all the dashas and lagnas using which a person can better understand his/her life situations.

We also offer expertise oriented horoscope reading and rashi-phal calculations, and horoscope matching.

Love Horoscopes and Horoscope Matching

We provide the best service for horoscope matching to find out the compatibility between the two people planning to get married. On the basis of the date of birth and time of birth, we determine the compatibility between the couple of different aspects including socio- economic status of the couple post marriage, the duration of the married life, the health of both the spouses post marriage and their biological compatibility.

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